Card Art, Merchandise, Website

Paper Rebel is a card and gift line that's not afraid to make fun of itselfyour douchebag ex, and that person holding up the Starbucks line. Each card is letter-pressed or printed in a limited run and are available at your local Target.


Here are just a few I've had the pleasure to create for the line...


To compliment the card line, gifts such as journals, shot glasses, coasters, and pouches are available online. 

Seasonal content is also released each month in the online shop and on social channels.

Per usual, no projects of mine can stray too far from my first love, the internet. I've also collaborated with the Paper Rebel team to develop their online shop experience.

The brand has been featured in online publications such as BuzzFeed, Refinery29, and Popsugar and in print magazines like Parade and RealSimple.