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Pretty straight forward, but Hand Lettered Old Shit (or as commonly abbreviated by your mother, H.L.O.S.) gives old things a new voice through hand-painted witty rhetoric. 

Born out of my affinity for old awkward photographs, I began painting contrasting slang or rap lyrics over the sepia strangers. Soon after, I started making prints and eventually the hobby moved onto other old substrates.

H.L.O.S. was very much rooted in humor, and in order to pack that punch on an old image, the sentiments or lyrics I paint typically aren't exactly P.C. Naming my company Hand Lettered Old Shit lets people know exactly what they're getting into right from the jump. It's not for everyone, but it's not intended to be.

H.L.O.S. has since been featured in publications such as the Plain Dealer, Cleveland.com, Cleveland Magazine, and was named Cleveland Scene's Best of Cleveland 2017 and the Cleveland Flea's First Fifty.