A descendent in a long line of far right-brainers, I followed in my mother’s footsteps with a concentration in graphic design and my father’s by attending Kent State University in Northeast Ohio. Their competitive design program and months of all-nighters certainly led me to momentary lapses of “forget this I’m going to be a ballet dancer” (not really a joke embarrassingly enough), but their supportive faculty and my growing passion for the field reassured I was where I needed to be and in 2011, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design.

I currently work for American Greetings Interactive on their digital innovation team. When I’m not ideating new products, you can find me freelance hand-lettering in the studio or occasionally teaching an evening illustration course at my alma mater.

So what’s with the diamond?

I like to think of it as a cut stone, though “diamond” is typically the initial impression. A tessera is a small faceted jewel used in mosaics and decorative art. My parents studied the technique in an art history course together and thought it would make a pretty girl’s name (…it was the 70’s, can’t you tell). This concept translates well in my approach to creative solutions. I love meeting new people and their passions. I find what makes them beautiful & unique, then cut and polish those traits to deliver them in a beautiful & unique way that allows all these facets of their business or event to shine. It’s the small details that come together that truly help your audience see the big picture.