Introducing Social: A New Way to Connect


As of late it’s been all DIY all the time around here, but that’s simply because I’ve been pretty focused on several other big projects…including this one (remember this moodboard). Meet Social.

Social is an exciting new app that will change the way you connect with the people and I was super excited when Andrew Smith approached me to help bring his brainchild to life. Designed to promote in-person interaction, Social helps bring you together by providing an easy to use scheduling system (see you never irritating group text messages and unreliable Facebook events). Here’s an overview of how it works…


Cliques are the groups of people you hang out with most, whether friends from high school, college, co-workers, family, etc. Social makes it easy to find, contact, and schedule with individuals or multiple people at once.

Your friends list and cliques are completely private, so only you can view your connections. Need to add a friend to your network? Search them by phone number or e-mail to add them to a “clique.”


Scheduling plans with a group these days can be a real pain. Social hopes to alleviate this with their super easy-to-use calendar. Select your availability, invite a friend or clique and send the invite. That’s it. Once your friends select their availabilities you’ll be notified when common date(s) are chosen.

Each meetup scheduled will allow attendees to connect through message boards for more efficient planning and communication. Once a meetup has passed the board will be automatically deleted to ensure future events and message boards can be found with ease.


The photo sharing capabilities is probably my favorite tool of the app. Social’s in-app camera will streamline the way you share photos with a group. Once you are at a scheduled event, Social will automatically feed your photos into a shared album between you and the friends scheduled on that event. Once the event is finished only the friends who participated will be able to view the shared photos. No more heavy shared photo streams or “hey, can you text me that photo!”

Right now Social is in the development phase but you can learn more here and reserve a spot to be one of the first to try Social here. We would love to hear your feedback and more to come soon!

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