Decking the Chalk Hall!

ChalkWall1Every year our department at American Greetings goes pretty big with the Christmas decorations. White lights drip from the ceiling, fluffy “snow” collects around cubicles and a stocking hangs with each team member’s name. A recent tradition addition (say that five times fast) is inscribing a narrow dark hallway that loops our department. Doubt it was meant for chalk but it’s black, it’s matte, and it works. Last year it was lines from our favorite Christmas movies, this year it’s verses from those classic holiday tunes. It was my job to recruit artists this year so I tried to get people involved from all around the company. The above purple prose was one of mine (and yes, that’s how you spell “hippopotamus”…I got that inquiry a lot.




ChalkWall5 ChalkWall6 ChalkWall7 ChalkWall8

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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