Countdown to Christmas

CountdownToChristmas1Hard to believe, but Christmas is only three weeks away! Gifts are flying off the shelves, trees are lighting up apartment windows and all of our holiday favorites (or not so favorites) have begun to consume the radio airways. So today I thought I would share a fun little project I recently collaborated on to help build the anticipation of our happiest season and countdown to the big day!

The Countdown to Christmas
is a downloadable where each day leading to Christmas you are greeted with an interactive game or animation. Just click the snow globe on your desktop to discover what’s new waiting for you on the tree.




Several of the daily activities include holiday pastimes like cookie decorating, stringing the lights on the tree, sled riding, even decorating your own ugly sweater (if only I could find this equivalent in a local thrift store this year). With each game or activity completed, your Christmas scene will build, unlocking new animations and fun hidden Easter Eggs (not Easter Easter eggs…you know what I mean). It’s a perfect activity for you and the little ones to explore together. If you find you need a mindless break from shopping, baking, and decorating, you can download the countdown here and best wishes to you your loved ones as you prepare for the big guy in the red suit!


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