A Holiday Gift Guide

Happy one week before Christmas! Eeep, just typing that gave my stomach a toss. Hard to believe it’s already upon us and in honor of the last day to order online gifts in time, I thought I would share a few of my favorite American-made finds, perfect for those closest to you this holiday season!

FatherWithin the past decade, Shinola has not only risen to be internationally known for their fine handmade watches, but for bringing back the pride of manufacturing to Detroit. Their carefully crafted watches are sure to be an heirloom pops will cherish and pass on for years to come. Be sure to check out their bikes and other beautiful leather goods!

MotherAndover Trask introduces a refined take on the classic tool bag. Heavy canvas and leather make this bag indestructible with generous pockets sure to keep any mama organized whether on the road, in the garden or carting little ones.

GirlfriendIt’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed with these handcrafted eco resin rings from RosellaResin. My personal favorite is these moss green bands with suspended gold flakes. Unique and reasonably priced, I’m sure you could close your eyes and pick a piece any girlfriend or girl friend will love.

Boyfriend Nothing like a bit of nostalgia around the holidays. Columbus, Ohio start-up, Homage, creates apparel that celebrates iconic athletes, teams and pop culture sensations of years past in their very own fresh-from-the-thrift-store fashion. If you’re from around here, you’re bound to find your team, and if you’re from around “there,” you’re bound to find some sort of “favorite” from your past.

Baby     I was first introduced to these little mocs via Shark Tank. Since, I’ve been pleased to see Freshly Picked moccasins pitter-patter all over the country. In sweet, vibrant colors with the promise to stay on tiny toes, these are perfect for any newb to the trotting world.

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