Wrap It Up

Growing up in a household of artists, just about any and every form of creative expression could get pretty competitive. A large arena took shape in the craft of gift wrapping. Birthdays and other celebrations were mere child’s play in preparation for Christmas (see previous contenders here and here). With the gift giving month upon us, I thought I would share a few I started on last night, and some tips and tricks I use in the process (be warned, my family gets pretty weird about this business so I will be crazy-target-lady nerding out for a minute).
For starters, I am a sucker for all things tiny, similar to the rest of the female population–I will pay twice as much for half the amount because, well, it’s so damn little and adorable. Anyway, these miniature clothespins from American Crafts are choice for including those gift tags without adding yet another distracting twine or string attachment.
Who isn’t obsessed with Washi tape? I would half spin myself a holiday dress of the stuff if only the spools were five times the size. Kraft paper and pretty patterned rolls are all you need to add that pop of color and interest while keeping things clean and quick.
WrapItUp4Hope those help you “wrap things up” on that holiday to-do list this weekend and have a great Christmas next Wednesday!

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