Trend Spotting: The 90’s

As a child of the 90’s, there are plenty of trends I was happy to kiss goodbye (butterfly clips anyone?). However, recently I’ve seen a resurgence in rather nostalgic reflections of my past with graphics and slang terms that warm my heart and dare I say find “off the heasy.” The neon-soaked world of Lisa Frank is back in all her ironic glory with Urban Outfitters. Jelly Sandals are giving Crocs and Birkenstocks a run for their money in the ultimate-in-comfort-not-so-much-in-fashion category. And check out Mike Wrobel’s incredible renditions of The Games of Thrones characters re-imagined in the “grunge meets hip-hop” era. What are some 90’s trend you hope to see again…or pray the 90’s is where they’ll stay?
Click the links below for other “rad” appearances and I’ll catch you next Friday “home slice.”

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