FrescaRita1It’s Friday guys, we made it. I’m not sure what your weekend plans entail but I’m hoping to delegate at least one day to a lot of nothing. Soaking up some sun with great friends and good drinks. Margaritas have always been one of my summer favorites, but I once made the game-changing mistake of poking into the nutritious details of the beverage. I still enjoy a full fledged frozen with a taco or two time to time, but when I feel like something on the lighter side, this is a fantastic solution.
Traditional Tequila
Triple Sec
FrescaPour equal parts Tequila and Triple Sec (depending on the desired strength) over ice. Top off with Fresca and half a juiced lime, garnish, and you’re done! If you plan to serve these frozen, blend all the ingredients before you add the Fresca, otherwise you will lose carbonation. Quick, easy, and refreshing. You’re welcome and have a great weekend hopefully finding time to do nothing.


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