In the Wilds of the Web 2

Sorry fellas, today’s web findings are all about the ladies…but harboring some killer skills so definitely check out their work. The ever talented Mrs. Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. was sort of the catalyst for this theme. Her iconic hand painted illustrations can be found all over the world and have been featured in such publications as Martha Stewart Living, O The Oprah Magazine, Southern Living, InStyle, Lucky, and Real Simple Wedding. Stop by her shop here:
Keeping up with the paper goods theme, our “place” takes us to Los Angeles and into the small letterpress shop, Sugar Paper. Also founded by two female graphic designers, Sugar Paper concentrates on beautiful attention to detail while shedding light on an often unappreciated art form.
What would a feminine theme “Wilds” post be without Mean Girls? These engraved pencils are so “fetch” (if only there was a “whatever I’m getting cheese fries” option). And finally our “wild card” bring us to the exquisite textural watercolor works of Katie Rodgers’ Paper Fashion. Keep it up ladies, you’re an inspiration to us all.

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