Mixtape 1


This weekend I’m heading to Columbus, Ohio for a 90’s reunion concert and I’m “totally bugg’n.” There’s something about the overall trends of the decade that radiate summer. From “Clarissa Explains It All” and 90210 to puka shell necklaces and Zubaz pants, the 90’s were an era of vibrancy and flagrant confidence. What were some of your absolute favorite (or embarrassing) trends, music, television shows, or flicks of the 90’s?

Hope these beats carry you to yesteryear while getting you “buzzed” for the weekend.
1. The Way // Fastball
2. Fly // Sugar Ray
3. One Headlight // The Wallflowers
4. Only Wanna Be With You // Hootie And The Blowfish
5. No Rain // Blind Melon
6. It’s All Been Done // Barenaked Ladies
7. You’re A God // Vertical Horizon
8. Under The Bridge // Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. Mr. Jones // Counting Crows
10. Wonderwall // Oasis
11. Linger // The Cranberries
12. Babylon // David Gray
13. Follow You Down // Gin Blossoms
14. Real World // Matchbox 20
15. Never Let You Go // Third Eye Blind
16. Walkin’ On The Sun // Smash Mouth
Now look at this picture of early 90’s Leo.

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