In the Wilds of the Web 1

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As a graphic designer, my day to day routine is fairly concentrated around the computer. I’m constantly on the hunt for emerging design trends & resources, while stumbling upon a few new fun facts & products en route (cue the quicksand that is BuzzFeed). In return, I thought every few weeks I would share some of these findings with you, including a selected “person,” “place,” “thing,” and random notable article, or “wild card.”
With July undeniably coming to a close, this week’s post is inspired by all those little bits of summer worth relishing. Beach days, every day (only the inspiring Crystal Renn could make floatation devices look this good). From here on out, go for two scoops at your favorite stand (or order a few…mmm Backyard Mint). Have a “whale of time” with good drinks and great friends (need this little guy). And be sure to bask in America’s favorite pastime (swag-ridden gear whether you’re a diehard or in it for the dogs and fireworks).What aspects of summer will you be drinking in…?

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